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Intel set to get inside your TV, your life

By October 26, 2009Newswires

Intel set to get inside your TV, your life
by Praveen S Thampi

Are we anywhere near a seamless 3D experience in the living room?

From a technology standpoint, stereoscopic 3D is a reality and the costs of creating this content are coming down fast. The biggest challenge is really a social problem: do consumers want to wear 3D glasses in their living room? Our research indicates that a reasonable subset of consumers are willing to wear them for certain types of content. Over time, we expect consumers to increasingly want the level of immersion that 3D provides.

At the same time, we also expect that advances in auto-stereoscopic technology will enable 3D to become mainstream. That being said, the industry appears to be moving fast to create products that support 3D content, so for those consumers who want it, it should become a reality in the next couple of years.

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