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3D? It`s a kind of magic, says Brian May

By October 21, 2009Newswires

3D? It`s a kind of magic, says Brian May
by Tim Masters

Rock guitarist Brian May is best known for his work with Queen and his PhD in astrophysics.

But what is less well known is his lifelong passion for 3D photography.

While he was touring the world with Queen, May was collecting thousands of stereoscopic photographs and the viewers that bring them to life.

It was in this way that he discovered the work of Thomas Richard Williams, who in the 1850s created a series of 59 stereo cards depicting life in a small English village – Hinton Waldrist in Oxfordshire.

May has teamed up with photographic historian Elena Vidal to produce a book of Williams`s stereoscopic 3D images, A Village Lost and Found.

Here May discusses the roots of his love of stereo photography, his dislike of the paparazzi, and what he thinks about the future of 3D cinema.

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