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3D gets off to shaky start on mobile

By October 16, 2009Newswires

3D gets off to shaky start on mobile
Artefact co-founder discusses how 3D technology – a huge trend on the big screen – could come to mobile phones
By Sarah Reedy

The third dimension has piqued the interest of Hollywood for big-screen productions, but there may be a place for the technology on a much smaller screen – and not necessarily one attached to special headgear or glasses. Early experimentations are underway to bring 3D to mobile phones, but it’s an experience that has a long way to go before it will be in demand, or even consumable.

According to In-Stat’s research, 64% of consumers are at least somewhat interested in 3D content, but on what screens and in what content is less certain as advancements in the technology are only recently popping up. Last week, scotch-tape maker 3M introduced a new optical film that lets consumers view stereoscopic 3D images on mobile devices. The 3D optical film inserted in a phone’s backlight uses two alternate rows of LED lights to project left and right images sequentially into the viewer’s eyes, creating an illusion of 3D and allowing them to switch between 2D and 3D views. Samsung has made similar announcements geared towards TVs that include an enhanced 3D user interface, and Acer launched a laptop using its 3D CineReal technology, although it still requires polarized glasses to achieve the effect.

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