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Laser TV`s future: a big step forward

By October 14, 2009Newswires

Laser TV`s future: a big step forward
HDI more energy efficient compared to plasma
by David S. Cohen

Since laser video was first proposed in 1996, it has been a tech holy grail, especially for stereoscopic 3D (S3D).
Laser-driven projection TVs, in theory, are supposed to deliver huge size, brilliant color, long life and low power consumption in a cheap, thin box.

Mitsubishi introduced its LaserVue projection set about a year ago, which delivered on some of those promises. Recently, though, Daily Variety got a peek at a laser TV system that represents a leap forward from the Mitsubishi sets in size, speed and 3D capability.

And so, too, did a group of top execs from consumer electronics makers.

Engineers and S3D experts from Sony, Sharp, JVC, Hitachi and even Mitsubishi crowded into a workshop in Los Gatos, Calif., last week to see a prototype 100-inch, rear-projection S3D television from startup HDI. That`s far bigger than Mitsubishi`s 65-inch LaserVue.

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