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Seeing the Future in 3-D Television

By October 10, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Seeing the Future in 3-D Television
by Hiroko Tabuchi

TOKYO — Flat-panel television screens can’t get much flatter and consumers don’t want the screens to get much wider, so Japanese television makers are banking on a whole new dimension to buttress their lineups.

High-definition three-dimensional TV is the future, or so Panasonic and Sony hope, as they seek to stem a slide in prices and re-energize a market slowed by the global recession.

The biggest problem the companies face, however, is staring them right in the face. Viewers will need to wear those goofy, ill-fitting glasses, just as they have to when watching 3-D movies in a theater. Without them, the screen looks nauseatingly blurry.

The expected high price of 3-D systems — the special television screens, glasses and Blu-ray DVD players — could also discourage all but home theater buffs.

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