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The Next Wave of TV Innovation

By October 9, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

The Next Wave of TV Innovation
by Michael J. Miller

This week saw a lot of coverage of new technology in televisions and displays, mostly centered around Ceatac, the big consumer electronics show in Tokyo. Most of the technology – ranging from 3D to very high-end processors for TVs – has been discussed before, but it quite fascinating. However, these features aren`t likely to impact the TVs the vast majority of us are going to buy any time soon.

The most coverage went to 3D, with Panasonic in particular making a big push for their upcoming 3D plasma screens. Sony is also committed to shipping a 3D with high-speed LCD sets, and Toshiba, Hitachi and Sharp also showing 3D sets
I wrote about a lot of the 3D technology here but here is a recent story from the show from Cnet.

Read the whole story here: … vation.php

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