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Mainstream 3-D production hinges on cost

By October 9, 2009Newswires

Mainstream 3-D production hinges on cost
By Michael Grotticelli

The production of live sports events in 3-D seems to be gaining momentum among network-level producers looking for the next big “wow” factor, but the extra cost involved with producing such a telecast is prohibitive at the moment. Some are comparing the situation to the early days of HD television production, but the image processing and synchronization involved with stereoscopic images is much more difficult for today’s crews to get their heads around.
PACE is working to make its FUSION 3D camera smaller and more manageable for live field production.

This is not to say that some are not trying to remedy the situation. Several of the broadcast TV and cable network sports divisions have joined with the two major 3-D specialists, 3Ality Digital and PACE Technologies, both of Burbank, CA, to host experimental “closed” telecasts to select theaters around the country. To date, the technology has not made it into U.S. living rooms. Some say this might be more than five years away (assuming consumers buy the required 3-D-capable TV sets).

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