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Toy Story 3D Review

By October 2, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Toy Story 3D Review
by Brendon Connelly

Agree or disagree about how Star Wars and Jaws shifted our habits of moviegoing forever but I don’t think I’ll be able to swallow any argument that tells me John Lasseter’s sublime Toy Story wasn’t a turning point in modern film history. There are far more fully-CG toons being catapulted into the market place now, week in, week out, than we ever received from the cel-animation studios. At the moment, far more family films are being rendered in vast farms of computers than are photographed on sound stages. Would this still have been the case had Toy Story not been so darn brilliant?

I’d say almost definitely not. Getting into the CG toon game can’t have been cheap, and without a sure-fire smash like Toy Story to dangle the mother of all ‘Nevermind’ dollar bills before the nascent industry, maybe even Dreamworks, the first of the imitators, wouldn’t have taken the dive, let alone to other, trailing copyists.

So, Toy Story’s legacy is vast. And, more specifically, it is one of those rare films with a sequel that outstrips the original’s achievements. Could it possibly stand up today?

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