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HDTV? That’s So 2003. Here`s What`s Next

By September 30, 2009Newswires

HDTV? That’s So 2003. Here`s What`s Next
by Chris Morris

The holiday season is prime time for HDTV bargain hunters. Retailers, looking to draw people into the stores on "Black Friday," regularly offer impossibly low prices—and the sale of those discounted sets is often a quick barometer of the overall mood of consumers.

This year won’t be much different, but as buyers focus on the current models (which analysts say could fall as low as $300 at some stores) manufacturers are looking down the road to the next big thing.

A lot more bells and whistles are coming to your TV if Sony, Sanyo and Panasonic have anything to say about it: Brighter displays. Internet streaming. 3D. They’re all coming to a living room near you.

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