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Panasonic Expects BDA to Standardize S3D for BD in 2010

By September 30, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic Expects Blu-Ray Disc Association to Standardize Stereo 3D for BD in 2010.
Panasonic to Demo 50” 3D HDTV, Set to Start Shipments of Stereo 3D Equipment Next Year
by Anton Shilov

Panasonic, a leading maker of consumer electronics, said that it had developed the industry’s first 50” plasma high-definition television that supports stereoscopic 3D output with the help of shutter glasses. The company also said that it would ship its stereo 3D equipment in 2010 after Blu-ray disc association (BDA) approves the “3D expanded standard”.

Panasonic’s newly developed 50” plasma features the so-called high-speed 3D drive and crosstalk reduction technologies to improve output of crisp and clear full-HD 3D images. As plasma display panels (PDPs) are self-illuminating device with full motion-picture resolution, they offer fast response time and are suitable to display fast-moving images. The high-speed 3D drive technology involves the development of new panel materials and chips that accelerate the pixel illumination while maintaining brightness. Panasonic also developed the crosstalk reduction technology using newly-developed phosphors with short luminescence decay time and illumination control technology to reduce double-images that occur when left- and right-eye image are alternated on the panel. All-in-all, the newly developed features promise clear images with accurate color reproduction even in 3D mode; obviously, they also improve image clarity in 2D mode. Even though Panasonic does not mention refresh rate of the PDP, it should be not lower than 120Hz at 1920×1080 resolution (progressive scan, 1080p).

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