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3D TV and exactly what Sky plans to do with it

By September 25, 2009Newswires

3D TV and exactly what Sky plans to do with it
First full time service to launch August 2010?
by Dan Sung

Life is good at BSkyB. The company more or less owns sport on UK screens, it`s by far and away the biggest HD program provider and now, at some mystery point of 2010, it looks like it`ll be way out in front with 3D too. Sky`s director of product design and development and the man in charge of the 3D project, Brain Lenz, told Pocket-lint how the company has done it again.

"Our delivery focuses on re-using the HD infrastructure that`s already there. Broadcasters are still paying for HD and to use new infrastructure doesn`t make sense. This way, the business model starts to become viable whereas adding new boxes just makes the whole operation much more expensive. That means our investment can all be about content instead," and that`s exactly what the company is waiting for before next year`s launch.

According to Lenz there is likely to be a specific 3D channel although with some degree of an events and pay-per-view structure in other areas as well.

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