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COMMENT: Is Stereoscopic 3D gaming ready?

By September 24, 2009Newswires

COMMENT: Is Stereoscopic 3D gaming ready?
Development is far further ahead than movies or television
by Duncan Geere

Amidst all this talk of 3D televisions and 3D movies, it`s easy to forget one art-form that`s been 3D since 1981 – Gaming. The Sinclair ZX81 had what many regard to be the first 3D game – 3D Monster Maze, which placed the player in a maze with a T-Rex, the objective being to escape before you got eaten.

But that isn`t true 3D – it`s not the kind that we`ve been looking at all week here on Pocket-lint. However the fact that games have already perfected the depiction of a 3D world is important – it means that there`s far fewer problems to solve to get a real 3D experience.

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