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When are we getting 3D TVs?

By September 24, 2009Newswires

When are we getting 3D TVs?
The state of play in the manufacturers` race to take over our homes
by Dan Sung

Home made efforts on YouTube and the inventive stills on Flickr are all very well and good but the big question on everyone`s lips is when are 3D TVs actually going to be available to us. Sky has got the broadcast side of things ready for 2010, Channel 4 has got something special lined up for this autumn and Blu-ray is all set to deal with 3D movies too, so the hardware has to be coming soon.

Fortunately, there was plenty on show at IFA 2009 to get excited about although not everyone has been as forthcoming with their developments. So, if you`re planning on being an early adopter, here`s a little run down of who might be the best to look out for:

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