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Katzenberg offers Hollywood a challenge

By September 18, 2009Newswires

Curiously nowhere in this article does it say how Jeffrey Katzenberg said in his keynote that S-3D will be driven by gamers. I wonder why the mention of S-3D gaming was left out? :?

Katzenberg offers Hollywood a challenge
DreamWorks Animation guru delivers keynote
by David S. Cohen

In his morning keynote at the 3D Entertainment Summit, Jeffrey Katzenberg expressed bafflement that Hollywood hasn`t made more live-action 3D movies and challenged exhibitors to be more aggressive with their 3D ticket prices.
"I find it curious how slow the live-action business has been in jumping on this opportunity," said the DreamWorks Animation topper, a longtime evangelist for the stereoscopic 3D (S3D) format. "In a business where margins are sinking like a stone in water, suddenly something comes along that for a small incremental investment you create huge incremental income possibilities for you. Why every studio isn`t out making three, four, five 3D movies is inexplicable."

Katzenberg predicted that James Cameron`s "Avatar" will be the "dam-buster" that does for live-action S3D filmmaking what "The Wizard of Oz" did for color, showing the artistic, creative and commercial potential of the format.

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