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Coming up: 3D in your living room

By September 17, 2009Newswires

Coming up: 3D in your living room
by Paul Vaclik

IT may not be long before 3D versions of the likes of Ian Beale, Deirdre Barlow or Philip Schofield are gracing your living room.

A few days ago, Amsterdam hosted the annual International Broadcast Convention (IBC) – perhaps the best place in the world to see the technologies that will shape online, mobile and TV broadcasting in the future.

And one technology that seems as though it`s getting ready to hit the consumer market – at least from what those at the conference were saying – is 3D television. Of course, 3D is nothing new: it was tried as long ago as the 1950s, and anyone as old as me may remember red and green glasses being given away in 1980s newspapers for special 3D programmes. Happily, the technology has moved on.

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