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ESPN scores touchdown with S3D

By September 17, 2009Newswires

ESPN scores touchdown with S3D
Fan reaction positive, Pace pleased with result
by David S. Cohen

Stereoscopic television remains a hot topic at the 3D Entertainment Summit at the Universal Hilton.
The latest step forward on the stereoscopic 3D (S3D) broadcasting front came just a few days ago, with ESPN`s S3D coverage of last Saturday`s USC-Ohio State game, beamed to selected venues.

We stopped in at the ESPN Zone at L.A. Live to check out the telecast and fan reaction, then talked to Vince Pace, whose company provided the S3D technology for the telecast.

The Championship Lounge at ESPN Zone had five S3D TVs set up, two Sony flatscreens, two Hyundai flatscreens and a projection model. The Hyundais required RealD polarized glasses; the others were driving active shutter glasses.

Random fans from the main floor were invited up to watch the S3D coverage for a few minutes. Most, if not all, were seeing S3D TV for the first time. Some 50 answered an extensive survey on their reaction from ESPN; we peeked at a few, and all of those were very positive. One fan was overheard to say, "It`s really like being there," and another noted, "It`s addictive."

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