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ESPN, Pace Prods. get into 3D game

By September 16, 2009Newswires

ESPN, Pace Prods. get into 3D game
USC-Ohio State football match marks public debut
by Robyn Weisman

With Disney committed to S3D at the corporate level, it was natural for the Mouse House`s sports network, ESPN, to look into the format for live broadcasts.
The net has been quietly experimenting with S3D for months, including an internal test of last year`s Kansas at South Florida NCAA football game.

Last Saturday, it unveiled the result, producing an S3D telecast of the USC-Ohio State football game that was shown at a handful of venues nationwide, including theaters, arenas and ESPN Zone sports bars.

Pace Prods. worked with ESPN on the telecast; both ESPN and Pace were making their public debuts with S3D gridiron coverage.

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