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Will `Avatar` win over skeptical gamers?

By September 16, 2009Newswires

Will `Avatar` win over skeptical gamers?
Ubisoft hopes core players will take to S3D title
by Chris Morris

While Panasonic and James Cameron are counting on "Avatar" to bring stereoscopic 3D (S3D) into the living room, many observers feel video games are the killer app.
Gamers, though, aren`t too excited about the idea. The response to S3D so far has been tepid, at best.

"It`s extremely gimmicky and adds nothing to the gameplay or overall experience," says Nicholas DiMucci, a 24-year old core gamer. "It … gets stale quickly."

Core gamers, of course, are just a part of the videogame audience. Nintendo`s Wii has brought in a large number of casual fans. But publishers initially focus new technologies and playing styles on the core. If those players enjoy them, they often act as evangelists, singing the tech`s praises to the masses.

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