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Disney promotes 3D at consumer show

By September 15, 2009Newswires

Disney promotes 3D at consumer show
PHYSICAL: Studio showed A Christmas Carol on Blu-ray with Panasonic components
By Susanne Ault

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment anticipates releasing its first theatrical-styled 3D Blu-ray Disc releases as early as fourth quarter 2010.

The studio was making its pitch about the benefits of advanced 3D in the home during Disney’s inaugural fan conference, D23, which rolled out Sept. 10-13 in Anaheim, Calif. D23-goers were able to enter a screening room to watch 3D clips of Disney movies, such as upcoming theatrical A Christmas Carol, on Blu-ray via a 3D-enabled Panasonic TV and Blu-ray player.

To date, the public has mostly only been able to enjoy such high-quality, stereoscopic 3D in theaters. Many can’t view such technology at home, due to the fact that few own 3D-enabled TVs, which are in limited supply at stores. Plus, there are no stereoscopic 3D DVD or Blu-ray players currently available at retail.

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