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Why games will lead 3D tech into our homes

By September 4, 2009Newswires

Why games will lead 3D tech into our homes
Blitz Games` CEO Andrew Oliver on the march of 3D
by Andrew Oliver

Most people tend to see 3D as a bit tacky. A bit `60s. A bit faddy. Actually the first 3D film came out in 1922, and the technology is far from new. And yes, there was a resurgence (of a sort) in the `50s and `60s but most people are simply unaware of the recent phenomenal improvements in 3D technology.

In fact, one of the biggest problems we`re coming across at Blitz Games is that people are failing to see the sheer progress made with this technology over the last 87 years and also failing to understand what it can do now.

Back in the so called `golden age` of 3D cinema in the `50s film-makers still used two projectors to create 3D images, which effectively destroyed the quality of the picture in the process.

The much more recent IMAX films were a step in the right direction, but still used analogue technology and were a far cry from the results we`re now getting with stereoscopic Digital 3D.

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