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Philips Does Not Expect Stereo 3D to Become Popular

By September 4, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Philips Does Not Expect Stereo 3D to Become Popular in Consumer Electronics Shortly
Philips: No Mainstream 3D Televisions In the Short-Term
by Anton Shilov

Philips, a leading maker of consumer electronics, demonstrated its approach to stereoscopic 3D video at IFA trade-show. But despite of its demonstration, the company does not believe that stereo 3D will become mainstream in the short-term future.

At IFA consumer electronics trade-show in Berlin, Germany, Philips demonstrated its own stereo 3D television set. The HDTV device utilize polarization technology to create stereoscopic effect, which means that viewers have to wear special glasses and sit under a special angle to the screen. Other manufacturers, Sony and Panasonic, have chosen so-called active shutter glasses technology, which is incompatible with Philips’ approach.

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