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Optinvent promises to offer Clear Vu HMD for less $200

By September 3, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

[size=85:2flymzzx] " While some may say that price isn`t the main factor that`s been holding HMDs back from mass acceptance, France`s Optinvent (a spin-off of Thomson S.A.) is apparently of that opinion, and it`s now promising to deliver a full-fledged HMD for less than $200 by the end of next year. In addition to their trend-setting good looks (to be further refined in the final version), the company`s so-called Clear Vu goggles make use of a reflection system that displays images in the wearer`s field of vision rather than completely obstructing it, which the company says opens to the door a whole host of augmented reality possibilities — like heads-up GPS directions, for instance. Unfortunately, the company isn`t offering much in the way of actual specs just yet, although it does say the goggles will display an image size equivalent to a 71-inch TV placed 2.5 meters away."[/size:2flymzzx]

Article: … -than-200/

I hope they don`t change the style to much as these specs design look quite stylish to me, could double as a nice pair of "Gordon Freeman-Half Life" Sun/augmented reality sunglasses?

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