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Panasonic, Fox promote home 3D with Avatar

By August 25, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic, Fox promote home 3D with Avatar
PHYSICAL: Campaign will push advanced Blu-ray players, TVs
by Susanne Ault

Panasonic and 20th Century Fox are mounting a broad promotion for 3D theatrical release Avatar, including an advance push for the manufacturer’s future line of advanced 3D products for the home.

The goal for the campaign is to prove to consumers the value of advanced 3D, from its current momentum in theaters to its potential inside consumers’ living rooms. At this point, the summer’s big-screen 3D movies, including Monsters vs. Aliens and Up, will not feature any eye-popping 3D effects on DVD and Blu-ray Disc because of the current absence of 3D-enabled equipment in homes. If those films were released in 3D versions for home viewing, they would have to be downgraded to lesser anaglyph 3D technology.

Many industry pundits expect Avatar to be the first advanced 3D release on Blu-ray, though it is pending the adoption of home 3D standards by the Blu-ray Disc Assn.

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