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James Cameron`s Avatar: Game Impressions from Gamescom

By August 22, 2009Newswires

James Cameron`s Avatar: The Game Impressions Of Mass Slaughter
By Michael McWhertor
James Cameron`s Avatar is getting a video game adaptation courtesy of Ubisoft, complete with movie appropriate stereoscopic 3D, should you have a TV that supports such a thing. For those without, expect stock third-person shooter action meets alien genocide.

In Avatar, you`ll play as an RDA soldier, essentially tasked with killing every indigenous life form on the planet Pandora that crosses your path. Fortunately, these creatures have been given intimidating names like viperwolves, sturmbeasts and hammerheads. That they generally attack on site—and this includes much of Pandora`s vegetation—helps you feel a bit better about the whole thing.

It`s all in the matter of science and progress, of course, as Pandora`s rich mineral deposits are needed by an overpopulated, over-harvested Earth. The only thing standing between the RDA`s raping of Pandora are beasts of increasing size and the indigenous humanoids known as the Na`vi.

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