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UK cinemas get a taste of Avatar

By August 21, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

UK cinemas get a taste of Avatar
by Neil Smith Entertainment reporter, BBC News

UK cinema-goers are being given a taste of James Cameron`s new science-fiction epic Avatar at free previews taking place around the country. They are being shown 15 minutes of the futuristic fantasy, which uses motion-capture animation, CGI and live action, and will be shown in stereoscopic 3D. One of the day`s first sneak previews was held at the BFI Imax in London, home to the UK`s biggest cinema screen. A trailer from the film, released on 18 December, is now available online.
In a filmed introduction, Cameron tells audiences all the excerpts come from the first half of his movie. Avatar is the 55-year-old`s first full-length feature since 1997`s Titanic, which won the Canadian filmmaker a best director Oscar.

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