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How Avatar could change the face of cinema forever

By August 21, 2009Newswires

Avatar: How James Cameron`s 3D film could change the face of cinema forever
by Eddie Wrenn

A movie revolution will take place at the end of the year – potentially offering as big a leap in our viewing experience as the change from black-and-white television to colour.

James Cameron, the film director who pushed technical effects to the limit with the blockbuster Titanic in 1997, and ushered in the dawn of action films with `80s classics such as Terminator and Aliens, has unleashed the film he has been hoping to make for nearly 20 years.

Avatar, when it is released in December, will be the most ambitious 3D film ever released, and the first trailer, unveiled on the Internet yesterday, gives us a glimpse of the future.

See the trailer and read the whole story here: … rever.html

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