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Avatar movie: history of 3D cinema

By August 20, 2009Newswires

Avatar movie: history of 3D cinema
Avatar, the new blockbuster from director James Cameron that is tipped to revolutionise 3-D cinema, will be unveiled to the public on Friday.
by Ben Leach

Hundreds of sold-out 3-D cinemas across the world will be showing 15 minutes of teaser footage of the new film, the full version of which will be released in December.

To mark the event has summarised the history of 3-D cinema from its conception in the 19th century to "Avatar Day" in the 21st.

1894 William Friese-Greene, the British film pioneer, files a patent for a 3-D movie process using two films projected side by side on screen while the viewer looks through a stereoscope to converge the two images.

1922 The Power of Love, using a system developed by cinematographer Robert Elder, becomes the first 3-D movie shown to a commercial audience when it is screened in Los Angeles.

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