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Is James Cameron`s movie Avatar the shape of cinema to come?

By August 20, 2009Newswires

Yes, more Avatar news…

Is James Cameron`s 3D movie Avatar the shape of cinema to come?
3D films are back – with a vengeance. And some believe they will change the way we watch movies forever
by Xan Brooks

Typical: you wait a lifetime for the future of cinema and then they spring it on you unawares. Tomorrow, Friday 21 August, is officially designated "Avatar Day", although "Avatar Quarter-Hour" would be more accurate. It is the date that sees the public unveiling of a full 15 minutes of teaser footage from the new 3D blockbuster from director James Cameron, playing at hundreds of sold-out cinemas across the planet; the date that could come to define how Hollywood frames the world. "We are born seeing in three dimensions," Cameron proclaimed recently. "Most animals have two eyes, not one. There is a reason." After tomorrow, industry experts predict, 3D cinema will never be the same again.

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