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Who will be first with a "3D Ready" television?

By July 31, 2009Newswires

Who will be first with a "3D Ready" television?
Will Sky`s 2010 3D TV announcement see manufacturers race for consumer first?
By Amy-Mae Elliott

After various trials and demos, Sky has announced it is to launch a 3D television channel in the UK in 2010.

Although the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes will be able to handle the 3D signal, those that want to watch in 3D will need to upgrade their television set.

Sky`s 3D offering is a glasses-based solution, and to get the effect, viewers will need to don the specs and tune in on a "3D Ready" television.

Although over the years we`ve seen various manufacturers showing off assorted 3D solutions at trade shows and the like, we thought it might be a good time to take stock and see which company might be closest to launch a 3D Ready TV.

We asked a handful of the biggest names in the TV industry whether they would be offering a 3D TV in the UK by 2010. Here are the responses:

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