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Blitz Games Studios joined XpanD in Amsterdam

By June 26, 2009Newswires

Blitz Games Studios joined XpanD in Amsterdam

26th June 2009, Leamington Spa, UK. Blitz Games Studios joined XpanD at the 18th annual Cinemas Expo International in Amsterdam to debut the world’s first stereoscopic 3D game, Invincible Tiger: Legend of Han Tao to the European cinema trade.

Andrew Oliver CTO of Blitz Games Studios said:“Stereoscopic 3D can stimulate new growth for both cinema and videogames industries. This technology is irresistible to the consumer– as soon as they experience it they want it at home as well as in the cinema.”

Amit Dror, Chief Strategy Officer of XpanD added:“We see the 3D cinema world and the 3D gaming world getting closer. From in-lobby 3D Gaming stations to, large screen multiplayer gaming, 3D gaming will become part of life and the cinemas are one of the most important show-rooms for this activity."

Blitz Games Studios demonstrated Invincible Tiger running in stereoscopic 3D on a games console– a feat thought impossible only 12 months ago.

Oliver Clarke, Project Director, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao, Blitz Arcade said: "The Cinema Expo has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our S3D technology. Invincible Tiger was created to be an original piece of entertainment that is a joy to play. We thought developing it to support S3D would be fun in itself, but we`ve been taken aback at how successful it`s been."

At the recent Digital Cinema Summit, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) executive director David Wertheimer presented research showing that audience interest in 3D is growing and is strongest among people who`ve seen 3D movies.

ETC`s research also found that consumers who`ve seen a recent 3D movie are undeterred by the prospect of wearing glasses at home to watch 3D with strongest interest is among the 18-29 demo especially those with children in the home i.e the vast majority of videogame customers.*

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao is a stylistic and cool‘70s inspired kung-fu game, which will be the first videogam released in stereoscopic 3D for XBLA and PSN in Summer of 2009.

About Cinema Expo:

18th annual Cinema Expo International runs from June 22-25 at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre. The convention and trade show for the European cinema business will highlight major new releases from Paramount Pictures International, Sony Pictures Releasing International, 20th Century Fox International, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and Warner Bros. Pictures, including such big titles as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3D, Up in 3D, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (the Sandra Bullock comedy), The Proposal, the Katherine Heigl comedy The Ugly Truth, and the horror thriller Orphan.

About XpanD:

XpanD operated about 1000 3D Cinemas in over 40 countries from Kenya to new Zealand. Founded by industry veterans from theatrical exhibition, film production&distribution, specialty film formats and digital technologies created XpanD. This broad range of professionals is a diversely experienced team driving the force in creating the absolute digital 3D cinema experience. XpanD offers active 3D solutions and has partnered with hundreds of exhibitors, who continue to enjoy substantial returns from XpanD`s high-end technology, ongoing operations and creative marketing strategies.

About Blitz Games Studios:

Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa and was founded in 1990 by industry veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver and now has more than 200 staff. Its six divisions encompass mature titles (Volatile Games), Serious Games (TruSim), family titles (Blitz Games), proprietary middleware (BlitzTech), downloadable games (Blitz Arcade) and its education division (Blitz Academy).

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