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Walt Disney Interactive Releasing G-Force Video Game

By June 22, 2009Newswires

Some good news for stereoscopic 3D gaming! Disney has been growing more and more aggressive in their efforts to off-shoot their S-3D movie titles with equivalent S-3D video games.

The UK gaming site [url=]MCV[/url:vkfea4sd] reports the latest in their line-up is G-Force, and and will be followed by Toy Story Mania in the fall. When Toy Story Mania was announced, our sources told us that it would be anaglyph only, and we suspect G-Force will be the same.

This begs the question: is releasing stereoscopic 3D games like this good for the industry, or are we inadvertently reaffirming the image that S-3D should be associated with red/blue glasses that are criticized in the media all too often? Share your thoughts!


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