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Oliver: "Without Doubt, 3D Is On Its Way"

By June 19, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Blitz Games has been making news this week:

Oliver: "Without Doubt, 3D Is On Its Way"
Games boss Andrew Oliver talks 3D with UK body BAFTA
By: David Gibbon

Andrew Oliver, Blitz Games Studios’ CTO and co-founder joined a panel of media luminaries to discuss the future of TV and videogames at BAFTA’s 3D-The Next Dimension in TV and Games panel in the UK last night.

Andrew was joined by Colin Smith (Technical Analyst for TV station ITV), Brian Lenz (Product Design and Innovation, Sky TV) and Benjamin Berraondo, (PR Manager, UK and Northern Europe) to show demos on what has been achieved and discuss where this technology can go.

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