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3D means new rules for directors

By June 18, 2009Newswires

3D means new rules for directors
by Rafe Needleman

The rise of 3D technology for movies and television will force a change in how directors tell stories.

Say good-bye to gut-wrenching drops off cliffs and swoops through asteroid fields to call attention to 3D effects. Be prepared for directors to use slower pans, less cutting, and more deliberate camera moves to blend the technology into the story. These new 3D movies may look boring in 2D, but they`ll end up feeling more engaging when seen in three dimensions.

"Unfortunately, the history of 3D is bad 3D," says Sandy Climan, CEO of 3ality, a company that makes, as he calls it, "end-to-end technologies from image capture to processing" for three-dimensional entertainment. The technology hasn`t been up to snuff until recently, he says. He claims his company`s tech is leagues better, naturally. But the art hasn`t advanced, either, and no amount of technology can fix that. Directors need new rules.

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