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Cameron`s game-changer?

By June 13, 2009Newswires

Cameron`s game-changer?
`Avatar` looks to alter Hollywood videogame biz
By Chris Morris

The track record of film-based videogames has been spotty. While there have been a handful of critical and commercial successes, the majority have been average at best — and, frequently, embarrassing.

James Cameron plans to change that. Fox has scheduled a December release of his 3-D film "Avatar" and the filmmaker has pushed game publisher Ubisoft to create the vidgame industry`s first stereoscopic title.

What`s more, Cameron was so impressed by some of the shots developed by Ubisoft Digital Arts, a computer animation studio owned by the game publisher, that he will use some of them in the film.

Admittedly, these are small steps, but they signify a game-changing alliance with a multibillion-dollar industry, as Hollywood and gamemakers begin to work more closely.

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