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E3 2009: Avatar 3D video game first-look

By June 5, 2009Newswires

E3 2009: Avatar 3D video game first-look
At E3 2009 we`re given a brief glance at Avatar, the new video game that uses the same 3D technology as the James Cameron movie on which it is based.
By Tom Hoggins, Video Game Correspondent

James Cameron`s upcoming sci-fi movie, Avatar, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Fourteen years in the making, Cameron`s magnum opus attempts to create an entire world, with fantastic creatures, a whole ecosystem and, of course, a terrible conflict.

Set in 2035, Avatar`s story is set on a planet called Pandora. Entire mountains float high above a lush, green forestland that, at night, glows with a gorgeous, colourful biolumescence, The plot revolves round Jake Sully, a paralysed ex-marine who finds out that his brother had been part of a clandestine military operation. Humans can`t breath the air on mineral rich Pandora, so the military develop the ability to assume control of a human/alien hybrid, the titular avatars, from off world. Jake is talked into taking over his brother`s avatar to mine the planet`s mineral, while fighting off the usually peaceful indigenous species, the Na`vi. As allegories go, it`s hardly the most subtle. Nor is the plot summary the easiest to follow (so lord knows what the movie will be like). But Cameron`s world and creatures are fascinating creations. And what better way to draw you into that world than a video game that uses the same 3D technology as the movie?

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