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Blu-Ray Association Starts Works on S-3D Blu-Ray Standard

By May 19, 2009Newswires

Blu-Ray Disc Association Starts Works on Stereoscopic 3D Blu-Ray Standard
BDA to Ratify 3D Blu-Ray Standard
by Anton Shilov

The Blu-ray disc association, the industry group responsible for further development of the Blu-ray format technology, said in a statement this week that it would define the stereoscopic 3D standard for the optical disc format. Unfortunately, the BDA has not revealed any details and when exactly the specifications are set to be defined.

“Blu-ray disc is the ideal platform for bringing 3D technology to mainstream home entertainment. The format has been widely embraced by consumers, and the 1080p picture quality and overall experience have become the standards against which all other high-definition delivery platforms are measured,” a statement by the Blu-ray disc association reads.

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