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Singapore earmarks $156 mn to develop media content sector

By May 14, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Singapore earmarks $156 mn to develop media content sector

MUMBAI: The Singapore government has earmarked $156 million over five years to develop the country`s media content sector. This is in addition to $340 million already committed to interactive digital media research and development.

The three initiatives outlined by the MDA include:

Stereoscopic 3D Development Fund: As a result of its inaugural 3DX Festival, a global gathering of the stereoscopic 3D filmed entertainment and technology sectors which took place last November, Singapore has earmarked $6.7 million for its stereoscopic 3D Development Fund.

Under this fund, Singapore has committed to co-produce a slate of three 3D films, all of which will be in production by the end of March 2010, and which are being offered for pre-sale at Cannes. The first title of the slate is Amphibious, a science fiction adventure project to be directed by Brian Yuzna.

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