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Three Companies to Watch in 3D

By May 13, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Three Companies to Watch in 3D

by Jose Fermoso

3D as a form of entertainment has gone from novelty to semi-forgotten relic. Now, thanks to a recent spate of 3D movies, it’s back. It’s likely to stay around this time, because the business base is strong and new tech offers better options for capturing, distributing and displaying 3D images.

Old 3D production methods were hampered by guesstimates of depth perception and focus, but digital processes have vastly improved them. This has led to more 3D-capable TVs, 3D-enabled theaters, and better software tools. But not all 3D content is the same or made in the same way. 3ality Digital, for example, focuses on live-action recording, while others (RealD) mainly output 3D animation.

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