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StudioCanal steps into 3-D

By May 7, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

StudioCanal steps into 3-D

`Around the World` to go worldwide

By John Hopewell, Elsa Keslassy

StudioCanal, Europe`s biggest film company, is putting its might behind 3-D, as stereoscopic entertainment ramps up across the region.

The Gallic minimajor has inked a worldwide distribution and sales deal on "Around the World in 50 Years," from Belgium`s nWave Pictures and "Fly Me to the Moon" helmer Ben Stassen.

But that is just the tip of a 3-D iceberg, according to Olivier Courson, chairman of StudioCanal, the movie production-distribution arm of Vivendi paybox Canal Plus.

StudioCanal is also part of a digital 3-D work group set up by French distributors, exhibitors, third-party 3-D facilitators and the Centre National de la Cinematographie, the government org that regulates and promotes the film and TV industry.

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