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XpanD Chosen as 3D Digital System Provider at Cannes

By April 29, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

XpanD Officially Chosen as the 3D Digital System Provider at this Year’s Festival De Cannes

Los Angeles, California—Apr 27, 2009—XpanD, the global authority in 3D cinemas and technology platforms, proudly announced today their most esteemed triumph to-date, in being officially chosen as the 3D digital system provider at this year’s Festival De Cannes.

In a first time ever world premiere, the 62nd Festival de Cannes will begin its Opening Ceremony with a 3D digital feature film, the new Disney Pixar studios motion picture, UP, a Disney Digital 3D animation film presented on Wednesday, 13 May 2009. Commencing with UP further validates the 3D movement is in full force and is revolutionizing the cinematography industry in the 21st century. With Hollywood content more than doubling in one year, it confirms 3D is no longer a fad, but here to stay. In addition to this prestigious event, XpanD will have four additional 3D systems throughout the Film Festival and the Marché du Film.

To enhance and compliment the technical acuity of this impressive 3D film, XpanD will power the presentation with its sophisticated 3D Digital cinema system utilizing their newly launched XpanD Series 101 3D active glasses, a stylish, eco-friendly, and completely immersive stereoscopic 3D experience. XpanD 3D screenings will be integrated by XDC using Christie digital projectors.

XpanD 3D theaters have a dominant presence throughout Europe, particularly in France, where it owns 75% of the 3D market, so with the decision to further endorse the 3D progress, it continues to display the progressive commitment of the Festival organization.

“We are both honored and gratified to be officially chosen as the 3D system at the Cannes Film Festival and wish to extend our sincere thanks to the entire organization in supporting the XpanD brand of 3D technology,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “This will be a historical moment with a 3D title opening such an emblematic Festival and we’re extremely proud to be part of this screening. To add this prominent world premiere to our resume of industry events is truly a rewarding service on all levels and we trust this collaboration with the Festival organization is just the beginning of many more to come as 3D films continue to evolve.”

The announcement comes with XpanD exceeding more than 800 3D screens worldwide and approximately 100 transacted deals scheduled through June 2009. With a strategic global marketing program in place and an extended line of 3D products and services, XpanD is committed to deliver the upmost quality to all fields of the cinema industry.

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