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3D TV on Manhattan Public Access

By April 24, 2009Newswires

"The Witness Protection Program" – 3D TV on Manhattan Public Access MNN tonight at 11:30 pm — 3D Submissions Invited

from NY Stereoscopic Society member Josh Klatt

The Witness Protection Program: The Western Hemisphere`s only stereoscopic 3D TV show! Airing every other Thursday on The Manhattan Neighborhood Network, only in Manhattan.

The show is free form — sometimes it`s a live call-in show (like tonight) — other times, it`s pre-recorded.

I accept submissions for the show. Anyone making 3D content is welcome to submit stuff. Video formatted for red/cyan anaglyph is preferable, but we can also throw still pictures in a slideshow and play that.

Read the rest here: … ogram.html

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