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AMG To Become The First 3-D Network

By April 16, 2009Newswires

AMG to become first 3-D network
Kerner to offer stereo technology for viewers

by David S. Cohen

The seeds of the nation`s first 3-D broadcast network have been planted, repping a small step for television, but a giant leap for 3-D.

Signet Intl. Holdings, a publicly traded company led by former NBC and PBS exec Tom Donaldson and boxing promoter Ernie Letiziano, is buying AMG TV, a modestly sized net that feeds syndicated programs to some 200 terrestrial station affiliates, some of them carrying programming only part of the day.

Simultaneously, Signet has pacted with Kerner Broadcast Corp. for exclusive use of Kerner`s 3-D TV technology. Kerner, a spinoff from Lucasfilm`s Industrial Light and Magic, is also taking an equity position in Signet.

"We fully plan to have, as soon as we can acquire the library, the first full-time 3-D network in the country," Donaldson told Daily Variety.

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