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Behind the Scenes: Masters of Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling

By April 15, 2009Newswires

Under the Hood & Behind the Scenes: Masters of Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling

by David Roth Weiss

Writer and contributing editor, David Roth Weiss, takes us takes us Behind The Scenes in Hollywood to the DreamWorks Animation Studios, where the masterminds behind the new hit film, Monsters vs. Aliens, are reinventing the art of storytelling using new state of the art 3D stereoscopic filmmaking techniques and technologies.

Speaking to members of the press at a recent preview of Monsters vs. Aliens at DreamWorks Animation Studios, chief executive, Jeffery Katzenberg; chief technology officer, Ed Leonard; and members of the creative and technical team behind the film, discussed the new technology of stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, the challenges involved in making 3D stereoscopic films, and the innovative storytelling techniques created by DreamWorks specifically for the new film.

The making of Monsters vs. Aliens was no small task. It was created by a virtual army of hundreds of DreamWorks artists and technicians who worked for nearly two years to create the film`s 3D stereoscopic imagery using a combination of proprietary software and a variety of "off the shelf," applications.

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