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Monsters vs. Aliens: Taking filmmaking to another dimension

By April 8, 2009Newswires

`Monsters vs. Aliens` in 3-D: Taking filmmaking to another dimension
Its success has studios plotting their next move in the format.

By John Horn

"The Jazz Singer" brought sound to the movies. "Becky Sharp" did the same for color. Now “Monsters vs. Aliens” is accelerating Hollywood`s 3-D revolution.

Change in the movie business usually happens at a glacial pace, but the surging popularity of 3-D movies, dramatized by "Monsters vs. Aliens` " $59.3-million opening weekend — the biggest for a 3-D movie — has directors and studio executives quickly reconsidering which, and how many, of their future film projects can be reworked into the immersive medium.

" `Monsters vs. Aliens` is the BC-AD of the 3-D platform," said Greg Foster, chairman and president of Imax Filmed Entertainment, which sold $5.1 million of tickets for the animated film`s opening weekend in large-format Imax theaters, almost all of which showed the space-invasion comedy in 3-D. "Fifteen years from now, when people are talking about 3-D, they will talk about the business before `Monsters vs. Aliens` and the business after `Monsters vs. Aliens.` It`s the line in the sand."

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