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Will We See 3D in Live Events?

By April 8, 2009Newswires

Will We See 3D in Live Events?

By Jake Pinholster

Over the past several months, the projector manufacturing industry has seen a spate of new products and new partnerships developed around so-called “3D projectors,” which are really just very high-end standard projectors optimized for pairing and synchronization for polarized stereoscopy or capable of receiving multiple processed inputs for shutter-based stereoscopy. Both systems require peripheral equipment (processing, filters, etc.) in order to produce a 3D image, and both require the audience to wear goggles. Regardless, these systems from Barco, Digital Projection, and others are impressive in their power and sophistication.

Will any of these systems ever find their way into theatre or live events? Right now, these products are designed to facilitate the exploding 3D cinema market; these days, it seems almost every animated film—and some live action films—are being presented in 3D versions.

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