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3D: A Gimmick or the Future of Film?

By April 5, 2009Newswires

Here`s an article from a small newspaper in Arkansas, USA, The Fayette Flyer. 3D movies are being reported on everywhere!

3D: A Gimmick or the Future of Film?

By Wiff Rightly

Nowadays, it’s rare when you drive by the movie theater and don’t see “3D” attached to a movie title somewhere on the marquee. My Bloody Valentine 3D. Coraline 3D. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. It’s all over the place.

Now that you’re starting to see 3D movies pop up(get it? Hey-o!) in theaters across the nation, the question of whether or not it’s a gimmick that will pass in time or is a legitimate effect that will continue to grow is one that you’re seeing discussed more and more.

For many, the term “3D” is still associated with those goofy, headache-inducing blue and red glasses from the 3D days of yore. However, if you haven’t seen a 3D “2.0? film, it’s hard to understand just how far the technology has come. Gone are the blue and red colors that created the effect in the past and in their place are all the colors you’d see when watching the 2D version. The only difference is that there’s a slight tint to the glasses making the picture just a bit darker than it would be otherwise. It’s an impressive sight for those experiencing it for the first time and is one that has hooked this particular movie-goer.

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