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Gizmodo – The Push For A 3D Cinema Revolution

By April 3, 2009Newswires

Entertainment Geekly: The Push For A 3D Cinema Revolution

3D Cinema is nothing new – It`s been around in various shapes and forms since the late 1800s with stereoscopes and multiple projectors – but 2009 is the year that we`ll really start to see films being released in 3D on a large scale, rather than just special feature events down at IMAX.

About three and a half years ago, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenburg went to see The Polar Express in 3D at IMAX. Walking out of the theatre, he had an epiphany moment that could prove to be a defining moment for 3D cinema around the globe.

"It was just about as exciting a visceral feeling that I`ve had in a movie theatre before. It just felt so immersive and it sort of amplified the fun and excitement and the visual… it was just a very, very stimulating way to experience a movie, that I had never felt before. I walked out of there and said, `You know, I think this is the future for us`."

It`s going to happen in the home, but the place that will drive it will be gaming and sports".

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