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Geneva Film Produces World`s First 3D Commercial for Charity

By March 11, 2009Newswires

Geneva Film Co. Produces World`s First 3D Commercial for Charity
Innovative Canadian Company Uses Immersive Medium to Explore Emotional Traumas Emergency Personnel Face Everyday

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – March 11, 2009) – Geneva Film Co., an innovative Toronto company specializing in Live Action Digital 3D, announced today it has produced the world`s first 3D public service announcement (PSA). The spot was commissioned by the Tema Conter Memorial Trust — a national charity that helps emergency services personnel understand and cope with the effects of Acute and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Geneva Film Co., founder, producer and director James Stewart is a long-time champion of 3D as an emerging medium for film, sports, entertainment, and advertising. Stewart began working in 3D back in 2005, and is one of a select group of film directors actively shooting commercials in Live-Action Digital 3D. "We are working on the leading-edge of the 3D phenomena — a medium which has the potential to transform not only the advertising world, but all media — gaming, hand-held devices, and cinema as we know it," says Stewart. "This project marks the world`s first 3D PSA – and capitalizes on a fantastic new medium for a good cause. Coming on the heels of the world`s first 3D television commercial for Pepsi during the Super Bowl, this 3D PSA is a clear demonstration to advertisers and marketers of the versatility and power of 3D for communicating emotional, as well as entertaining content." With 3D, there will be cross-medium exposure in cinemas, on the web and on 3D-enabled mobile devices. The PSA will also be made available in 2D format on all platforms.

Geneva Film Co. chose to shoot the PSA in 3D to provide viewers with a powerful message about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and critical incident stress. "The PSA takes the viewer through the nightmare of PTSD as seen from a child`s perspective," says Stewart.

Tema Conter Memorial Trust founder and National Chair Vince Savoia says, "When we approached Geneva about doing our next TV spot, we never dreamed that the project would take our message to this next dimension. James is a leader in the 3D field, and we felt the immersive nature of this medium was a great fit for both the PSA and the charity. We have always embraced new technology to raise awareness for our cause. This approach allows us to reach a far broader audience with our story, leveraging multiple platforms – web, television, mobile devices, and cinema simultaneously. 3D will allow us to draw our viewing audience into the emotions experienced by emergency services personnel – and that is what visual storytelling is about."

Mark Northeast, vice president of sales for Quantel Canada, creators of the Quantel Pablo 4K stereoscopic editing system, says, "It`s a pleasure for Quantel to partner with inventive A-list directors like James Stewart. He has been at the leading edge of this new 3D technology for years, and understands this new medium like very few directors in the world."

The spot will be completed for release in 3D and 2D in April, 2009.

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