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Interview with Janet Matsuda, ATI Firepro

By March 10, 2009Newswires

Never underestimate Intel

Interview Janet Matsuda, ATI Firepro

By Para Handy

3D entertainment is fast becoming the vogue phrase of the multimedia market. Do you possibly foresee this becoming a cost effective solution for the workstation market place at all? Previous trends of stereo 3D glasses have been of a premium with forth coming announced autostereoscopic 3D (AS-3D) displays offering end users another effective solution. What are your current thoughts within this new technology?

Stereoscopic content creation, editing and post production are rapidly becoming an essential part of making movies. Workstation customers are becoming very aware of this. Stereoscopy has had a number of false starts at the movies, but this time things look serious. A number of new players are bringing a variety of display technologies to bear hear, from LCD (liquid crystal display) to DLP (digital light processing), from shutter glasses to polarised glasses, and also auto-stereo. As for cost, with all the different display players and modes competing, this will likely come to a balance soon; the premium will get smaller, but is unlikely to go away for quite a while.

Will ATI be supporting this new technology uptake very quickly?

ATI Firepro products already support all major stereo display modes and we continue to track this space closely.

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