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Hollywood Studios are Raising their Glasses to 3-D Movies

By February 24, 2009Newswires

Interest in 3D has hit college campuses. I came across this article today from the Daily Free Press – The Independent Student Newspaper at Boston University.

Hollywood Studios are Raising their Glasses to 3-D Movies

by Michael O’Leary

Between 100-yard interception returns and extreme close-ups of Bruce Springsteen’s leather-clad crotch, many viewers of this year’s Super Bowl watched a handful of blurry red-and-blue-tinged commercials. Any number of these viewers could have been feeling the effects of their gametime beer and pizza, but their physical state was not to blame for the shaky picture quality.

This year was the first time that advertisers aired 3-D commercials during the most-watched television program of the year, but any viewer without a pair of those special paper lenses was stuck watching a flat, distorted image. With two 3-D movies already in theaters this year and another on its way this week, 3-D is filling up the cinema and may soon be jumping off the big screen and into our homes.

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